Crash gambling

Crash gambling

Crash game is more and more popular nowadays and particularly in the crypto space. Crash game is now a well-known game, in particular with one of the first websites Bustabit or JetX. Now, the leader of the crash game is Stake, with more than 200 players playing simultaneously. So, what is the goal of this game?
The crash game consists to place a bet and watch a curve climbing from 1x to infinite. In theory, the max win is infinite, but the max you will see it’s something like 20000x. Your goal is to exist before the curve crash. You are free to exist whenever you want, and if you exit before that the curve crash, you will earn the amount of your bet multiplied by the multiplier. Sometimes, the curve crash at 1x, so every player lose instantly their bets.

How to play Crash gambling on Stake

Crash gambling

The crash game is a part of the original stake games. You have to place a bet on the bet section. You can also choose an auto cashout in the “cashout at” input. If the curve reaches this point without crashing, the cashout will be automatic and you will earn the amount of the multiple you have selected.

Strategy to play Crash gambling

You may ask if some sort of crash game prediction or hack exists. Of course, this doesn’t exist, for the simple reason that everything is tracked, and if Stake starts to lose money in the long term on the crash game, they will investigate to find the issue. So no, you can’t predict the crash moment.
You can try some strategies, or create your own.
The main knows strategies are Martingal, D’alembert or Fibonacci.

Max win , depot & withdrawal

The max win is quite similar to games like Dice.

Max wins
Bitcoin5 Bitcoin
Ethereum150 Ethereum