Mines stake

Mines gambling Stake

How to play Mines gambling game

Mines game is easy to understand and easy to play. First, you need a Stake account. If you don’t have a Stake account, don’t worry, it takes 1 minute to create one.

So, what’s the goal of this popular casino game, the Mines? The game is composed of a board with 25 squares. To start a round, you have to determine your bet and the number of bombs. After that, you have to click on one square to reveal if a bomb is hidden in this square or not. If you clicked on a bomb, you lose everything. If not, you will multiple you gain and continue until you stop or you click on a bomb. You can decide to stop when you want and take your profit. 

Best Strategy on Mines casino

The strategy adopted will depend a lot on your betting style.

In the 25 squares, you can determine the number of mines, from 1 to 24. The more the number of mines you have, the more the multiple bigger is. 

One of our favorite strategies is to choose 3 bombs and try to get 4 diamonds for roughly a multiple of 1.80. Of course, all strategies are the same in the long term, and it depends on your bankroll. But if you have a small bankroll, some small win with a low number of mines seems to be a good strategy.

Max win , depot & withdrawl

The max win is quite similar to games like Plinko or Crash. I hope one day you will be able to reach these max wins!

Max wins
Bitcoin5 Bitcoin
Ethereum150 Ethereum