Plinko Stake

Plinko gambling – Stake original

Plinko is one of the best games on Stake. Well known for years, Plinko has been created in 1983 for a TV SHOW. The success of the game has never ended and it’s normal that Plinko has been adapted for casinos. 

Plinko information
Max Bet0.1 BTC
Max Win100 BTC

Plinko odds

Type of rewardProbability
The odds of the Plinko game

RTP Plinko

The RTP on Stake for Plinko is 99%. With only 1% house edge, this allows you to play with a comfortable risk with your bankroll.

How to play Plinko

The goal of Plinko is very simple. You choose your bet and risk, and a ball falls into a wall composed of the keel. The ball bounces until reaching the bottom of the wall where you can see some multipliers. Your gain is the multiple of your bet * multiplier you fall in. Plinko is an intuitive game that proposes a different type of risk. At Stake, you can choose the risk: Low, medium, or high. When you choose a risk, the gain will be multiplied, but the odds to get an x0.2 are higher. You can also choose the number of lines: from 8 to 16.

Strategy to win on Plinko

The type of strategy depends on your styling bet. You can ever be aggressive, or more conservative. Due to the RTP , the safer strategy is to bet low with low risk and less line. With that strategy, you are assured to play and enjoy for some time.

Some people prefer to try to win fast. If you are this kind of player, you can use a « double strategy » , which consists to double your bet if you lose ( also called martingale ). 

Max win , depot & withdrawal

The max win is quite similar to games like Crash gambling game.

Max wins
Bitcoin5 Bitcoin
Ethereum150 Ethereum