Dice Stake

Dice casino

A dice throw means maybe something to you. When we talk about Dice as a gambling game, we expect something with a die and a multiple on each side. The game is simple. You have a bar ranging from 0 to 100.

The goal of the game is to predict a number above ( or under ) the cursor.

Dice casino stake

Let’s say you choose to take the multiplier x2. That means that the number must be above 50.50. If you in that, you will earn double your bet.


The auto bet allows you to play a different strategy, at least automated. You can for example decide to ever increase your bet on win or loss. With these settings, you can adapt your strategy. You can be more aggressive, or try a “martingale” to double if you lose.
Your settings = your choice 🙂

In the long term, you can adopt a strategy to try to lose as less as possible. This strategy is well known as a dice wagger strategy. You put a low multiple and try to wagger as much as possible. Keep in mind that the Dice did not wagger like the slots machine, but this can be a good complement.

What is the best strategy on Stake Dice ?

After having played with the normal and auto bet, you can ask yourself if more strategies exist. We have the answer: yes!
Stake has set up a feature that allows you to create your strategy. To access this future, you need to click on the symbol at the right of “Manual Auto”

You can increase or decrease the bet after X bet, after X winning or losing. The feature is very complete and you can make your own game. Stake has integrated 4 basic strategy: Martingale, Delayed Martingal, Paraboli and D’alembet.