Within the realm of Stake streaming, few names are as renowned or as revered as Roshtein. This Twitch superstar, famed for his high-energy streams and high-stake spins, has left an indelible mark on the casino streaming community. In this article, we will explore Roshtein’s life and career, delving into everything from his personal details to his impressive earnings from streaming.


A Brief Introduction to Roshtein

Known primarily by his stage name, Roshtein, real name Ishmael Swartz, is a Swedish online gaming and casino streamer. He is best known for his exuberant persona, intense gaming sessions, and the tremendous stakes he places in his casino games. His flamboyant style and remarkable in-game insights have earned him an extensive and devoted fanbase.

Where Does Roshtein Live?

Born and raised in Sweden, Roshtein has remained loyal to his roots, continuing to reside in his homeland. However, his influence stretches far beyond Sweden’s borders, with a global audience tuning into his live streams.

How Old is Roshtein?

Roshtein keeps much of his personal life private, including his exact age. However, it’s known that he embarked on his streaming journey in 2016, and he has been a leading figure in the casino streaming community for several years.

How Tall is Roshtein?

Although Roshtein’s exact height is not publicly disclosed, it is his larger-than-life personality that truly stands tall. His extravagant persona, combined with his expert gameplay, leaves a lasting impression on his viewers.

Roshtein’s Excursion into the World of Streaming

Roshtein started streaming on Twitch in 2016, focusing solely on casino games, a niche that few had explored at the time. His passion for high-stakes gambling and his charismatic personality quickly attracted viewers, setting him apart in the streaming world.

His gaming sessions are known for their high energy, big bets, and bigger wins, which keep his viewers on the edge of their seats. Despite the high risks involved, Roshtein’s strategic approach to casino games provides valuable insights to his viewers.

How Much Does Roshtein Make?

As one of the top casino streamers on Twitch, Roshtein’s income is substantial. His earnings come from a combination of Twitch subscriptions, viewer donations, ad revenue, sponsorships, and affiliate earnings from casino websites. While precise figures are closely guarded, it’s estimated that Roshtein’s earnings are well into the high six-figure range annually.


Roshtein is a perfect example of how passion, personality, and expertise can blend to create a successful career in casino streaming. His high-stakes spins and flamboyant style have set a new standard for casino streaming, drawing thousands of viewers to his channel. As he continues his streaming journey, Roshtein’s impact on the online casino world is set to grow, solidifying his status as the king of casino streaming.