Who is roshtein ?

Roshtein is a Twitch streamer specializing in gambling, especially on the Stake casino.
Nobody knows exactly who he is in real life, we just know that his real name is Ishmael Schwartz, and that he comes from Sweden. He started streaming in 2016, and is now one of the biggest casino streamers on the platform.

Is roshtein legit?

This is a legitimate question that everyone can ask themselves. Is it real money? Doesn’t Stake favor Roshtein? You should know that online casinos are highly monitored. The algorithms are designed by outside companies and are screened to avoid cheating. Furthermore, Stake has no interest in lying about the numbers, or helping Roshtein in any way. Besides, if you follow Roshtein’s streams closely, you can see that in the long run he is losing.

How does roshtein make money ?

The majority of Roshtain’s revenue comes from his partnership with Stake. No details have reached our team yet, but we know that a wagger is possible. In addition, the money generated by the affiliation of its huge audience is not to be overlooked. According to our estimation, the Roshtein net worth is 45M$