has been a dominant force in the crypto gambling realm, acknowledged for its expansive offerings and a clear brand identity. However, with the advent of, designed specifically for the US market, the landscape of online sweepstakes casinos is experiencing a pivotal shift. But how do these two platforms stack up against each other? Let’s embark on an investigative journey.

1. Accessibility and Target Market A global player in the crypto gambling arena, boasts an extensive reach but, crucially, remains inaccessible to the US audience. Crafted with US players in mind, this version fills the void left by its sibling, offering Americans a dedicated platform for sweepstakes casino gaming.

2. Licensing and Regulation With a robust Curacao license, has a regulatory backbone that adds to its trustworthiness. Operating without a conventional license, relies on the unique sweepstakes model which, technically being gaming and not gambling, enables it to legally serve most US states.

3. Currency and Transaction Models It welcomes players looking to gamble using cryptocurrencies, endorsing the digital currency trend. Here, players engage with Gold Coins and Stake Cash. While Gold Coins resemble a non-profitable mode, Stake Cash can potentially lead to real-world gains.

4. Game Libraries With over 2386+ slots and exclusive titles under the ‘Stake Exclusives’ section, showcases its vast and varied gaming arsenal. Though its slot library is more limited, it still hosts games from premier providers, ensuring US players have access to top-tier gaming experiences.

5. Live Gaming and Sports Betting Known for its vibrant live shows and an expansive sports betting category, it provides a diverse gaming experience. This version is still in its infancy regarding live games but offers basics like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, hinting at bigger things to come.

6. Promotional Offerings Alongside a vast array of casino promotions, it also extends sports betting bonuses. Despite having fewer promotions, it manages to draw attention with its exclusive no-purchase bonus, providing daily incentives to its players.

7. Brand Popularity Having established its brand over a longer time, its popularity is undeniable, casting a lengthy shadow over its newer counterpart. While it has some catching up to do, the dedicated approach for the US market suggests a promising trajectory, potentially even surpassing its sibling in future.


The choice between and ultimately boils down to geography and personal preference. For US players, clearly holds the advantage, both in terms of accessibility and offerings tailored to regional needs. Meanwhile, remains a behemoth in the global crypto gambling sector.

As continues to mature, it’s exciting to envision how it might evolve, leveraging the success strategies of while carving out its own distinct identity. Both platforms, while serving different demographics, underline the brand’s commitment to premium, diverse, and engaging gaming experiences.