Are you in search of casino games that are fun, easy, and unique? Our Slide guide is just the ticket! Our team of experts will walk you through the simplicity of this original game. We’ll also highlight how to play and share some invaluable strategy tips. Don’t forget to use our exclusive codes StakeGambling ! Plus, we’ll give you a peek into the world of crypto gambling at

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How to Play Slide: The Basics

Slide, an exclusive game, isn’t found elsewhere, just like games like Plinko. What makes it distinctive is its user-friendly design tailored for the crypto gambling market. All games are well-known for their fairness and moderate house edge, enhancing your overall gaming experience.

The game is as easy as pie. The slider starts off at a multiplier of x1.01 and could technically go as high as x1,000,000. Your task is to choose a multiplier to bet on before the slider starts. If the arrow lands on or above your selected amount, you win the amount stated in the multiplier. Think of it as a linear version of a spinning wheel that has no end. users who’ve played the game Dice will find many similarities here. Slide Guide: Betting and Multipliers

The Slide game operates on multipliers. For instance, if you win with a multiplier of 2.80 using a $10 stake, your full payout would be $28. However, your bet won’t payout if the arrow on the slider lands on a multiplier that’s less than your chosen amount. The higher the multiplier you pick, the lower your odds of winning. allows both manual and automatic wagering. In manual mode, you simply insert your bet amount and your target multiplier. For automatic mode, you can preset your stake, multiplier, and the number of rounds. You can also configure it to stop playing after a certain number of bets or when you reach a specific profit/loss amount.

Crypto Wagering at is a cryptocurrency casino and does not support fiat currencies like CAD, USD, or GBP. You need to purchase one of the eight supported cryptocurrencies and corresponding wallets to play any games. For the game Slide, you have the following maximum limits:

  • Bitcoin: 100 BTC
  • Ethereum: 500 ETH
  • Litecoin: 2,000 LTC
  • Dogecoin: 100,000,000 DOGE
  • Bitcoin Cash: 1,000 BCH
  • Ripple: 100 XRP
  • Tron: 100,000,000 TRX

While does not support fiat currency transactions, you can display your wagers in USD. This simplifies tracking your profits and losses. Slide Guide: Strategies

Slide might be a straightforward game, but you can still employ various strategies. We’ve found the most popular strategy to be the conservative approach: selecting a relatively low multiplier each time with the aim of building your bankroll slowly.

A popular betting strategy in Slide is the Martingale strategy, which involves doubling up your bets when you lose and halving them when you win. While it isn’t the worst strategy in the world, we recommend a tactical conservative approach for a long-term gaming experience.

The Social Aspect of our Slide Guide

One of the best features of all original games is their social aspect. You can see other players playing Slide, their betting activities, and their profits and losses. You can mimic the patterns of players doing well to see if it works for you. However, remember to stop if it doesn’t seem to be working for you. Slide Guide: Conclusion

Slide is one of the simplest games in the original collection. That doesn’t make it any less fun. Simplicity can lead to accessibility and fun. Always follow the tips in this Slide guide to stay on track. Why not check out more game guides here at CryptoGamblr? And remember to use your promo codes when you create your account!

Remember, the enjoyment of casino games comes from their entertainment value. Always play responsibly and within your limits.