, a leading online betting operator, has innovatively structured a VIP Program that is truly a game-changer. It isn’t just a typical program, but an ingenious way of rewarding loyalty and continuous engagement of its dedicated players. It introduces ten distinctive VIP levels with an array of rewards. Players can qualify for these prestigious VIP levels by meeting specific wagering thresholds.

stake-vip-levels VIP Program: Exceptional Rewards System

The VIP Program is designed to stimulate people to play more and reward them for their loyalty. This unique reward system is highly valued by players as it offers fantastic benefits. These exclusive rewards, reserved for the most dedicated customers, allow players to climb their way up the VIP ranks. Players are rewarded with various bonuses such as Monthly bonuses, Level-Up bonuses, Rakeback, Weekly bonuses, Daily bonuses/Reload, access to VIP Host, and Bespoke bonuses.

The VIP levels and their wagering requirements are as follows:

  • Bronze – $10,000
  • Silver – $50,000
  • Gold – $100,000
  • Platinum – $250,000
  • Platinum II – $500,000
  • Platinum III – $1,000,000
  • Platinum IV – $2,500,000
  • Platinum V – $5,000,000
  • Platinum VI – $10,000,000
  • Diamond – $25,000,000

Boost Your Level with VIP Program

Each VIP level at Stake provides members with special benefits. In addition to the monthly bonus, the VIP members can earn points and climb through the VIP levels by participating in the company’s top game picks. For instance, by wagering a specific amount of money within a month and receiving an additional bonus, VIP members can calculate their potential monthly bonus using the Stake Monthly Bonus Calculator.

A Glance at VIP Rewards

Stake VIP rewards have an appealing offering. Stake bonus code rewards include Monthly bonuses, Level Up Bonuses, Rakeback, Weekly Bonuses, Daily Bonuses/Reload, VIP Host, and Bespoke Bonuses.

Monthly bonuses are dispatched by email around the 15th of each month to the Stake Gold VIP Bonus members and other levels as well.

Level Up Bonuses are granted as special level-up rewards. The bonus amount itself depends on your level, as well as recent activity.

Rakeback, a Stake Bronze VIP bonus, allows you to receive a 5% cashback for every casino bet you make.

Every Sunday at 12:30 GMT, the Stake VIP Telegram group awards a Stake weekly bonus.

Daily Bonuses/Reload are special daily rewards offered to VIP clients who reach Platinum.

VIP Host is available to those who reach Platinum IV level.

Bespoke Bonuses are exclusive perks available to those who reach the Diamond level.

How to Join VIP Club?

Joining the VIP club involves the following steps:

  1. Creating an Stake account
  2. Wagering at least $10,000 for the Bronze level
  3. Waiting for an invitation

While joining the VIP program is simple, it requires a specific Stake VIP strategy to make the most of the perks as some rewards depend on your activity and your level.

In conclusion,’s VIP program is undeniably a unique and highly rewarding initiative that takes player loyalty programs to another level. It’s a well-structured, milestone-based system that incentivizes continuous gameplay, and the more you advance, the better the perks and bonuses you unlock. With its strategic approach, continues to provide an unparalleled gaming experience to its players.